Our advantages


We assure the operativity of the works that are submitted before the firm with regard to their analysis and finalizing all legal issues.


We only have experienced lawyers that are experts in particular fields of law.

Team work

We are keen to cooperate closely with our partners, and thus our main goal is to give the best to our clients.

Our law firm is multi-profile and that allows us deal with a wide range of legal issues. The firm is ideal for clients – they can receive all legal services at the same place. Our services are in various: consultancy on real estate, legal consulting, valuation of all sorts of assets, business planning etc.

Individual legal services

Civil law regulates both the property and personal non-property relationships of the subjects of civil law legislation.


Legal consulting

We provide a wide range of legal consultations that arise in the process of economic activities.


Appraisal in cases of insurance matters

Recently owners of cars have been facing difficulties with regard to payment of amounts due according to the insurance contracts.


Machinery and equipment appraisal

is the evaluation of movables pursuant to the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Corporate law services

Legal Audit – is the analysis of law establishing formation documents and contracts of enterprises.


Appraisal of movable and immovable property

Immovable property objects constitute a significant part of assets of persons and corporations.


Valuation of business

Evalution of businesses occur in cases of purchase, sale, realization of investment projects etc.


Evaluation of pledged assets

A professional help by an expert is required for the purposes of running a business, purchase and sale of various assets, carrying out several operations during the day.


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