Legal consulting

We provide a wide range of legal consultations that arise in the process of economic activities.
Full spectrum of services for economic activities, various deals, legal services for transactions, and accompaniment in court hearings are included in the framework of legal consultations.

Due diligence is conducted in cases of restructuring of businesses, preparation of projects or legal entities in the event of an agreement within the framework of the preparation of the relevant management decision.
The duration and amount of due diligence is agreed by clients and covers the following aspects:

  • Transactions with real estate;
  • Deals with shares of economic societies;
  • Rights to intangible assets;
  • Substantiation of management decisions (corporate governance);
  • Compliance with labor legislation requirements;
  • Legal regulation of production facilities (certification, sanitary-defense, defense zones, etc.);
  • Compliance with anti-monopoly legislation.


It covers the preparation and justification of the adjudication of the dispute, the pre-trial settlement of the dispute, the filing of the lawsuit and the representation of the interests of the Client at the first and higher instances.

Consultation with specialists