Individual legal services

Civil law regulates both the property and personal non-property relationships of the subjects of civil law legislation.

We are experienced in various fields of law:

  • Legal consultation
  • Private lawyering and trial advocacy services
  • Advocating interests of our clients in Courts
  • Preparation of all kinds of legal documents

Our lawyers can defend your rights and advocate your interests in the below-mentioned fields:

—   Employment disputes

all legal disputes arising out of employment relationship between employers and employees.

   —   Banking disputes

on disputes concerning banks and other financial institutions about loans, interests etc.

   —   Family disputes

resolution of disputes about divorce, division of assets, adoption, heritage, registration etc.

   —   Debt collection

collection of debts according to the contracts between physical and juridical persons.

   —   Disputes arising out of traffic accidents and car insurance matters

disputes against those who cause traffic accidents, compensation of damage to cars, compensation of harm to health, various disputes with insurance companies and agencies.

   —   Tax relations

preparation of declarations, assisting in obtaining civil and social tax privileges, argumentation of consequences of on-site tax inspection.

—   Consumer Protection

disputes about sale of goods and provision of services etc.

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